Mandjou in photos

This post will just include a selection of photos from the East region I've taken so far, with more to be added from my field work and other experiences.



So I've finally settled in Mandjou. Mandjou is about 10-km outside Bertoua, the capital of the East region. These cities are significant because they are at the crossroads of many East-West routes in Central Africa. So many drivers stop either temporarily or for a few days to rest, get supplies, fix their lorries, or unload/load… Continue reading Mandjou

Who are the Mbororo?

The Mbororo Mbororo is a term given to a sub-group of Fulani pastoralists. Fulani is one of the largest and most familiar ethnic groups of Africa - residing in a number of Central and West African nations. Mbororo number about 1.5-2 million in countries including Niger, CAR, Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria. They are represented by… Continue reading Who are the Mbororo?

First meeting

Our first meeting took place on the afternoon of May 21st at the Mbororo Yaoundé office. A number of representatives gathered to introduce me to Mboscuda and answer some questions.     It was a very productive and enlightening meeting. Thanks so much for their kindness and for sharing their knowledge. It was helpful to… Continue reading First meeting

A week in Yaoundé

My first week in Cameroon will be spent in Yaoundé. I arrived on Saturday the 20th of May - which is an auspicious date in Cameroon called National Day. This date is the national date of unification between the Anglophone and Francophone regions, which took place on May 20th 1972.     I am staying… Continue reading A week in Yaoundé