Field work continues

Two or three days per week I venture to the field with my trusty and helpful companion, Aliou (see photo below). He gives me access to meet with Mbororo, and I wouldn't be able to conduct this research without him. We visit small communities and villages ("chefferie", "village," or "commune" in French) with large Mbororo… Continue reading Field work continues


The context of East Region, Cameroon

What is the East Region of Cameroon? It is one of the largest regions, yet the least populated (about one million for the entire region). It is primarily rural, with few urban centres. It is a mix of many different tribes and shares many qualities (language, ethnicity, religion, history) with bordering regions of DRC and… Continue reading The context of East Region, Cameroon

Field work

I've begun field work. I visited two rural villages outside Mandjou - Ngamboula and Bazzama. Both are just a few houses in size, and predominantly Mbororo. I did two interviews. In Ngamboula, I spoke to about 50 Mbororo men, including the village chief and Mboscuda president. I asked about twenty questions and also let me… Continue reading Field work