Field work

I’ve begun field work. I visited two rural villages outside Mandjou – Ngamboula and Bazzama. Both are just a few houses in size, and predominantly Mbororo. I did two interviews.

In Ngamboula, I spoke to about 50 Mbororo men, including the village chief and Mboscuda president. I asked about twenty questions and also let me tell me anything they wanted that they thought was significant. I got a lot of valuable information.

The next day, I visited Bazzama – a slightly bigger village. It is a picturesque village that is mostly forested. There were a lot of children running around, because it is summer vacation and there is no school. They asked me to take photos of them and they did some various poses – like ninjas. A few had bikes and they let me ride the bike.


Children in Bazzama
Mbororo during interview in Ngamboula
Children in Bazzama
Children in Bazzama
Road in Bazzama
Ngamboula village

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