My name is Matthew Pflaum. I’m a post-grad in Africa/international development at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I have a background in public health and worked for a number of years internationally in places including Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Central African Republic.

I’m doing research with the Cameroonian ethnic association Mboscuda for my dissertation on pastoralist land rights and tenure. I am honoured and privileged to be able to learn from them and work alongside this great association and their members. The Mbororo are a pastoralist group in Cameroon and endure various levels of marginalisation and struggle, and Mboscuda promotes rights and dignity for them.

I’m currently applying to PhD programmes in geography/international development related to nomadic/pastoralist migration as effected by conflict and climate.

I have strong interests in travel, international development, Africa, mountaineering/trekking, windsurfing, football, photography, and writing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me just to say hello or ask me anything.

Thanks and enjoy the page!

*Please do contact me if anything I have written is offensive, inaccurate, or wrong and I will immediately correct the mistake. 


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